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RYA Sail Cruising Courses

The RYA has introduced two new levels in the Sail Cruising Scheme to enable sailors to train to a high level in boat handling skills and to prepare them for the other courses such as Dayskipper and Yachtmaster. You will not be able to cope with a practical navigation course without the necessary skills to sail efficiently and safely.

The courses are not “teachy” and are fun. There is no examination involved as the course is 90% practical with some simple theory to make you safe on the water and also to enable you to understand how a yacht works. Just a great way to get involved in the sport.

LEVEL 1 Start Sailing – course duration 2 days or approximately 16 hours

This is an introduction to the sport and entails all the skills needed to enable you to join a Level 2 course with a degree of confidence. It can also be taken as an introduction to sailing to see if it is what you want to do. Knots and pulling ropes with a bit of steering and some of the “leaning thing” going on, sailing upwind and downwind.


LEVEL 2 Basic Skills – course duration 2 days or approximately 16 hours

This level extends the skills learnt at level 1 and begins to fill in the gaps. Coming alongside jetties, anchoring, tying up alongside, reefing the sails. Everything you need to take a yacht out independently and be able to sail safely where you want to go, and not just sailing with the wind.

We normally take five days to get someone who has never sailed to being confident, and with the skills needed to sail independently by the end of the fifth day.


RYA Powerboat Courses

Powerboat 1 Start Powerboating – course duration 1 day

A practical introduction to boat handling and safety in powerboats. The course is run on a fast planing Beneteau Antares 6 and is 75% practical with theory to a level that complements the skills learnt.


Powerboat 2 Course Powerboat Handling – course duration 2 days

The RYA powerboat 2 course is designed so students spend more than 70% of their time afloat. In this powerboat training course, the emphasis is very much on safe powerboat handling in harbours and out to sea. Time is spent learning the art of mooring, turning in confined spaces, recovering a man overboard and, of course, how to get a powerboat going fast on the plane and keeping it there comfortably. We also include a practical section on navigation at sea

The theory section covers all the subjects specified by the RYA powerboat level 2 training course curriculum and includes the rules of the road, how to plan a journey safely, weather and tides, and buoyage and is covered in a single 2.5 hour session with all the rest of the time dedicated to being afloat.

There is no examination in the RYA powerboat 2 training course. Progress is determined by continuous assessment and it is the job of ourselves, as instructors’ to identify and correct any weaknesses. If you fail, we fail and that is why we put such a heavy emphasis on continuosly improving our skills.

The powerboat training boat we use is exceptional, designed to give you the very best powerboat training experience and is fitted with all the equipment and electronics needed to ensure you get a good grounding in boat handling and navigation.

After the powerboat level 2 training course

You will be able to handle a powerboat safely and with confidence in most everyday situations.

International Certificate of Competence (ICC)

Holders of the RYA Powerboat training 2 course certificate can also apply directly for an ICC without any additional examination or powerboat training enabling them to hire powerboats anywhere, (subject to local laws).