RYA Sail Cruising Level Two – Basic Skills

RYA Sail Cruising Courses Level Two

The RYA has introduced two levels into the Sail Cruising Scheme. Start Sailing and Basic Skills. Or Level One and Level 2. These enable sailors to train to a high level in boat handling skills and to prepare them for the other courses such as Dayskipper and Yachtmaster. You will not be able to cope with a practical navigation course without the necessary skills to sail efficiently and safely.

Fun while you learn

The courses are not “teachy” and are fun. There is no examination involved as the course is 90% practical with some simple theory to make you safe on the water. They will also enable you to understand how a yacht works. Just a great way to get involved in the sport.

Do I need prior experience?

Prior to taking the course you need to have achieved the equivalent of Level One

Sometimes combined with Level One into a 4-day course. On successful completion of both levels you will be able to confidently take charge of a yacht in light to moderate wind conditions

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    Sailing skills to Level One required to take this course. The skills learnt in Level One are developed to enable confident and competent boat handling to develop.

    Coming alongside jetties, anchoring, tying up alongside, reefing and trimming the sails. Everything you need to take a yacht out independently and be able to sail safely where you want to go, and not just sailing with the wind.


    £175 per person per day (minimum of two training) – £350 for two people

    £350 per day for one to one tuition

    Levels One and Two combined over 4 days is £700 per person (minimum 2 people training) or £1400 for two people including overnight accommodation on board


      • Skippering techniques developed
      • Advanced mooring situations
      • Planning mooring approach
      • Accurate and efficient up and downwind sailing


    • Theory to explain procedures and advanced manoeuvres
    • Tidal navigation overview
    • Collisions regulations discussed
    • Use of VHF
    • Basic first aid and crew welfare
    • Seamanships skills

    General Information

    RYA Level 2 – Basic Skills – Foundation Techniques – 2/3 Day Course


    Understand how to rig a cruising yacht according to prevailing weather conditions.


    Can tie a bowline, clove hitch, reef knot, rolling hitch, sheet bend.

    Sailing Techniques

    Have a practical understanding of the “4 Essentials”, sail setting, sail trim, balance, course made good. Leaving and returning to a jetty or mooring. Coming alongside a moored boat. Understand the Collision Regulations. Aware of lee shore dangers, sailing in close company with others and man overboard recover under sail.

    Able to reef whilst sailing. Can use winches. Can use engine controls in starting, stopping, running procedures and visual engine checks.

    Sailing Background

    Have a knowledge of:

    Points of sailing – close hauled, close reach, beam reach, broad reach, run, no go zone.
    How a sail works – basic aerodynamic theory.
    Sea sailing – basic advice for inland sailors including taking local advice, tide tables, tidal sequence of springs and neaps, ebb and flow.
    Effects of wind conditions and tidal flow on sailing conditions. Speed over the ground. Estuaries and harbour mouths – conditions and hazards.
    Inland sailing – basic advice including local bylaws, permits, locks and weirs. Have an understanding of tidal sequences, SOG, the effect of wind direction and tidal flow on sailing conditions. Local information and advice for sea sailors. Dangers of hypothermia and the importance of first aid training, particularly cardio pulmonary resuscitation.


    Know sources of weather and shipping forecasts and when to reef. Understand the Beaufort wind scale.

    Clothing & Equipment

    Knows the importance of personal safety, clothing and buoyancy, boat buoyancy and basic equipment, including anchor and bilge pumps.

    Emergency Equipment

    Knows the importance of first aid kit and flares including stowage. Visual methods of attracting attention. Action to help those in distress.

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