Frequently Asked Questions

What type of yachts are they?

Beneteau Oceanis cruising yachts. All are wheel-steered and in excellent condition.

Do you supply tenders?

We do not have tenders for the yachts, although there is a canoe hire shop on site. There are plenty of public jetties and moorings round the lake.

Are we liable for any damage above the security deposit limit?

The security deposit is intended to deal with any minor breakages or damage caused by misuse or loss during the charter. If you cause considerable damage to the yacht, due to grounding or rig misuse, you will be liable for the full cost of repair. The security deposit, currently £2000 is the excess on the insurance. If the repair costs more than this you will forfeit the deposit.

When do we get the security deposit back?

The deposit is taken in the form of credit/debit card details at the start of the charter. We do not actually take cash from the account unless we have discussed any loss or breakage with you. Each boat is checked on return and we normally contact you the following day if there is anything wrong or missing.

Do we have to clean and refill the boat when we return it?

Yes the boat has to come back clean and tidy. We don’t expect you to refill fuel and water though. Just leave the boat in the same condition as you received it.

What if the boat is returned unclean?

We charge £50 to clean the boat if it is excessively dirty on its return. This will be taken from the security deposit. We are particularly bothered about black marks on the decks due to the wrong footwear being used. Please ensure your crew is suitably equipped.

How big is Lake Windermere?

The lake is just under 11 miles long and 1 mile wide at the widest point.

Does the lake have a current?

The lake is completely land locked and is not affected by tides, so you can sail whenever you want.

Is the pilotage difficult in the shallow and narrow areas?

The lake is well marked with buoys that protect areas of danger. You must always be vigilant when sailing in a new area though and we take you through a chart of the lake before you leave.

What are the weather conditions like?

We are fortunate in that as the lake has no major wave action and we can sail in nearly any weather conditions. We do have strong gusty winds sometimes which can be interesting for those who have not sailed inland before. We normally check weather forecasts daily and will tell you if there is any bad weather coming through.

We do reserve the right to stop you sailing if the weather is extreme, either too much wind or snow and ice.

Is there anywhere to go and moor up?

There are public jetties around the lake, particularly in the middle by Bowness, and in the north basin of the lake. Overnight stays are allowed, although there is a time limit during the day.

Can you visit places around the lake for lunch or dinner?

All the hotels with jetties will take our yachts and are delighted to see guests arrive by boat at any time. Some allow you to stay overnight if you have used their facilities.

Where do we park our car?

You can park your car in a public car park just 200m from our jetties. This is a safe lit car park and is run by the Lake Wardens.

What shore side facilities are there?

We operate from jetties owned by Maiden Marine and they have shower and toilet facilities in their main building. They also have a comprehensive chandlery for all you sailing requirements, although they do not stock any provisions. They also sell and repair boats.

Where are the nearest shops for food?

Bowness is a two minute drive from the jetties and has a number of large stores for provision shopping. There is also Booth’s Supermarket at Windermere a further 3 minutes away.

What is Bowness like?

Bowness is a lively inland seaside type resort with plenty of pubs and restaurants. There are also gift and clothes shops aplenty. It does get very busy in summer and we recommend walking in, which takes about 10 minutes.

What else is there to do for a family?

We are based in the largest national park in the UK and have every conceivable outdoor and indoor sport and pastime available close by. You can walk, cycle, canoe, kayak, ride horses, shoot, climb, fly; just about anything you can think of can be arranged locally. There are also many visitor attractions aimed at adults and children – much indoor if the weather is poor.